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Before any agribusiness, a lot of factors come to play. Starting an agribusiness requires a lot of commitment, focus, and information for success to be met. There are 10 considerations before selecting or starting any agribusiness.

This course would help new enthusiasts and even existing agribusiness owners looking to expand make a better decision on what agribusiness they should start and nature.

What Will I Learn?

  • This course would teach you
  • 1. 10 things you should consider before selecting any agribusiness
  • 2. The exact question to ask yourself when selecting an agribusiness
  • 3. How some factors affect agribusiness success

Material Includes

  • 1. A brief on the agricultural value chain
  • 2. 10 considerations workbook
  • 3. Popular questions about agribusiness ebook.

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

All Levels


  • 1. For you to be successful in this course, you need writing materials and a quiet study area.
  • 2. You also need to have an open mind when taking the test included

Target Audience

  • 1. Agricultural enthusiast looking to start an agribusiness
  • 2. Agribusiness owners who want to expand
  • 3. Business coaches working with farmers, processors, and food business owners

Topics for this course

13 Lessons45m

Before Any agribusiness full course

Your mind as a consideration.00:02:29
Your pocket as a consideration.00:02:19
Your location as a consideration.00:04:08
Your purpose of interest as a consideration.00:05:49
Your time as a consideration00:02:25
How you can start as a consideration00:02:02
Your knowledge as a consideration00:02:18
Your learning form as a Consideration00:03:47
Your risk level as a consideration00:03:18
Your ROI speed as a consideration00:02:24

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