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Agromoney is a course created around 5 ways to make money from the agricultural sector without owning a farm. This course goes through the five processes and also teaches how to select the best that works for you.

This course is a practical course highlighting the skills that are needed for making income from the agricultural sector either as a side hustle or a full-time business.

What Will I Learn?

  • The course would help you
  • 1. Learn how to select the best Agromoney making style
  • 2. Teach you both high and low agribusiness offers
  • 3. Enlist all basic information needed to make money work for you in agriculture.
  • 4. Understand the five ways to make money from the agricultural sector without owning a farm.

Material Includes


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  • 1. This course requires concentration and focus
  • 2. It also requires you to write ideas, hence the need for writing materials
  • 3. All materials for further studies are to be downloaded.
  • 4. Willingness to practice is a major requirement.

Target Audience

  • 1. Working-class individuals looking to create another means for making money in the agricultural sector
  • 2. Youths with interest in starting an agricultural business that does not require them to own a farm
  • 3. Professionals looking for ways to integrate their current service in the agricultural sector
  • 4. Unemployed that want to start a business with low capital requirements

Topics for this course

9 Lessons22m 50s


Agromoney styles and types00:03:42
Selling as Agromoney00:04:59
Investment as Agromoney00:01:00
Service as Agromoney00:02:28
Distributorship as Agromoney00:02:03
Processing as Agromoney00:03:19
Success tips for Agromoney00:03:25
End Notes00:02:19

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