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Agromarketing is an important aspect that cuts across all chains in the agricultural sector. Agromarketing entails the way we make strategies and systems of which products and services in the agricultural sector known to potential customers for a sale or purchase to be made.

This course addresses the strategies, skills, and systems available and distinctive to marketing agricultural products.

What Will I Learn?

  • This course would help you
  • 1. How to market agricultural products online and offline
  • 2. The skills you need to be successful in marketing.
  • 3. The apps you need for marketing
  • 4. The practical way to experiment with marketing strategies

Material Includes

  • • Ebooks on videos you can watch and learn
  • • Link to Canva for free
  • • The ten apps for agro marketing
  • • Products you can market for money in the agricultural sector
  • • Services and how to market them in the agricultural space.

Enrolment validity: Lifetime



  • To implement for success, you need space on your phone to download the apps required. You need writing materials to articulate points and ideas together, and you need the zeal to implement.

Target Audience

  • 1. Agribusiness owner
  • 2. Farmers
  • 3. Agricultural product processor
  • 4. Food vendor
  • 5. Digital content creator
  • 6. Agric-based service business
  • 7. Individuals who want to start marketing agricultural products
  • 8. Skilled youths who want to market their skills in the agricultural skills

Topics for this course

10 Lessons39m 15s

Agromarketing full course

The importance of Agromarketing00:02:19
Skills needed for Agromarketing00:03:06
Apps for Agromarketing success00:05:52
Offline Agromarketing options00:05:39
Online Agromarketing options00:04:25
Digital products for Agromarketing00:07:50
How to be a successful agromarketer00:01:48
The attitude of selling00:05:23
The conclusion00:02:28

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